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Welcome to The Lace Curtains, a site dedicated to Lace Curtains. While designing a room, some people often forget to give good treatment to their windows. A window is not just a big square hole in your wall, think of it as lungs for your rooms to breathe. Window treatment is not to be seen with low priority; apart from adding to the beauty and aesthetics of your rooms, windows provide proper lighting, privacy, ventilation and even protection from mosquitoes. The lighting of your room can determine the entire look and feel of it. That is why well designed curtain can add so much beauty to a room. One important advantage you have when using lace curtains is that, it lets in light into the room. Let your rooms be filled with light.

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Draperies & Curtains)

Neon Orange Sheer Curtain Scarf

Neon Pink Sheer Curtain Scarf

Pink Sheer Curtain Scarf

Red Sheer Curtain Scarf

Sage Sheer Curtain Scarf

Sherwood Curtain Rod (Woodtone)

Sierra Curtain Rod (Black)

Sierra Curtain Rod (Antique Gold)

Solid Knob Curtain Rod

Sunflower Kitchen Curtain Set

Suzanna Kitchen Curtain Set (Beige)

Times Square Shower Curtain (Chocolate)

Times Square Shower Curtain (Ivory)

Times Square Shower Curtain (White)

Trumpet Curtain Rod

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