German Lace Curtains

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Germany has a history of lace making of more than 500 years and that includes both needle and bobbin lace. The great history of lace making in Germany can be found at the following link. The site also provides details and addresses of Museums, Schools and Shops for laces.

Lace curtains made in German style always stand out from the other collection. The craftsmen puts is whole skills into beautifully carving each lace designs so precisely. The paints and colors used are usually mild which gives the room a soothing feel. These curtains are best suited in light colored rooms.

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White Sheer Curtain Scarf

Color Balls Shower Curtain Set with 12 Curtain Rings

Manchester Thermal Grommet Curtain Brown

Manchester Thermal Grommet Curtain Burgundy

Mildew Blocker Shower Curtain Liner – Clear

Mildew Blocker Shower Curtain Liner – Assorted

Modern Gears Shower Curtain with Hooks

Geometric Shower Curtain with 12 Poly Resin Rings

Geometric Circles Shower Curtain with 12 Poly Resin Rings

Tiles Shower Curtain with 12 Poly Resin Rings

Mixed Fruit Kitchen Curtain Set

Aqua Blue Sheer Curtain Scarf

Grey Sheer Curtain Scarf

Neon Yellow Sheer Curtain Scarf

Light Purple Sheer Curtain Scarf
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